Running with Nature - A Journey of Possibilities

Running with Nature is unlimited potential, it is a movement, a force... it is the Natural Way to live your life on your terms for your greatest health and happiness.

After all Life is an Adventure so Live it!

As both of us come up on 50, we are passionate about becoming younger, happier, and healthier than ever before because we believe that age is more about your habits, choices, and lifestyle than the reality of years gone by. We can assure you that we will be here a lot longer than 25 years from now. We have only been here about 18,250 days so far. How great is that? Such a short time in the whole scheme of things, don’t you think? Every day is a new day and remember the sun shines for us all. We are alive and vital and we are as young as we feel. We feel extraordinary... open hearted... magnificent and free. How do you feel?

Statistics say we are supposed to retire at 65... and our life expectancy is 75 and disease and degeneration will surely be the cause... Who makes up these rules? We are here to let you know that rules are made to be broken.... We plan on living many adventurous days on this planet.... How about 67,000 days? Sounds possible...