Allowing The Love

Hand HeartAs women we express our vision our intent our passion our loyalty our concern and of course our anger more often than not through tears that represent the full gamut of emotional chords. We synchronize our tears to match our desires so that we can accomplish and sometimes get what we need…

We do this not as a manipulation (though we have fallen to false crying to get attention in a desperate moment) but we suppress a deep cry with a lip quiver in moments of feeling misunderstood or wronged or when we want you to feel what we feel. Emotion is a default for many situations because it is such a clear expression for us. We love the fact that we feel so deeply as women and we so want that gut-wrenching surge of emotion to be felt and understood by our partner.

The thing is guys are different…

As any woman knows men are emotional too but it is expressed not (necessarily) through tears or high-pitched tones as we sometimes use. A guy, well my guy, emotes through a giant horse bite on my knee, a toss onto the couch with a full body smoosh on top of me, then a look into my eye just for a pause and I know he sees me.

Then there’s the hand squeeze out of the blue… all these things mean I love you. When a guy looks at you from the rear view mirror or anytime while he’s driving and just takes you in (and you think a criticism is on it’s way) you are being seen as who you are with admiration and gratitude from a being whom doesn’t express himself as you do. The truth is men are as emotional as women but we as females are designed to see their emotion and mirror it. We feel and are able to show what they don’t say or emote.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed with being seen by them and we gush and make a big deal, which can be off putting if it goes on too long. The best response to a guy loving you without words is to allow yourself to feel it and say absolutely nothing… show him you love him in return by accepting his way of expressing it. A knowing smile and a tear in your eye is good enough!


What has your special someone done for you that has made your heart melt?

Please share your story below! We’d love to hear it!


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