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We live in such an extraordinary world of technology, an advanced atmosphere that changes by the day, if not minute, and our children are the recipients of a culture of worldwide connection and information at the push of a key or an icon on a screen. It is amazing and it is also chilling. While I believe that our technology has made the world a smaller place; it has made for passionate sharing of ideas and brought cultures and belief systems together and it is also tearing us from our natural instinct as human beings.

Our children have fewer opportunities for experiencing nature. Even in places where kids can go outside they are often choosing computer or phone games instead of biking through the neighborhood. They watch (or play games) copious amounts of “whatever” on the internet and they eat food that is not really food (but that is a whole other blog… )

 [Click here  for an infographic showing the impact of electronics on our children] 

The disconnect from our planet, from fresh air, from the cultivation of our very sense of humanity is diminished by our lack of getting outside. And when we do choose technology as a way to pass our time, we’ve learned it rarely helps our children understand the world they live in.


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Kids have no lag-time in being able to entertain themselves without moving a muscle. We have to change the environment of how kids take in information. Besides the need to get our children outside as often as possible to roam amongst the beetles and grass when we’re home.  Kids we have to have options for entertainment and education on-line and TV that are rich, fun and educational in a way that doesn’t seem like medicine. Entertainment that helps kids know where their food comes from … that farm animals have souls and that most Art is inspired by the great outdoors is of utmost importance. Children are malleable and we have the means to fill them with information that makes a difference in the quality of their lives as grown ups.
That’s why I stand behind, Heal Our World, Heal Ourselves campaign, a call to mass media for more uplifting, transformational, educational programming.


Other goals of the campaign:
• Introduce the concept of transformational children’s entertainment to mass media, mission driven organizations and the public
• Invite mass media companies to learn about transformational children’s entertainment programming
• Call mass media companies to increase the amount of transformational children’s entertainment
• Provide examples of transformative children’s media
• Recognize excellence in transformational children’s media

Lets get together and create programing that enriches their lives and of course their futures.

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