Watch Mariel Hemingway with Stephen Colbert as they discuss her grandfather, Ernest Hemingway!

“Running With Nature” author Mariel Hemingway discusses the “Hemingway curse” and describes her grandfather’s often-overlooked romantic side.




New York Times Article: The Importance of Not Being Ernest
The farm truck for Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams’ 1.5-acre ranch. Photo by Holly Andres for the New York Times.

Mariel Hemingway gets up early, perhaps as an unconscious homage to her famous grandfather, to watch the sun rise. Each morning, while still in bed, she and her live-in boyfriend, an erstwhile stuntman and actor named Bobby Williams, begin a series of predawn exercises that consist of breathing, stretching, contemplating the things they’re grateful for and visualizing the day ahead. Hemingway then makes the bed and a pot of jasmine green tea. She fills the hummingbird feeders with organic sugar water, feeds organic soy-free meal to the brood of egg-laying hens that live in her backyard and heads back to the kitchen to prepare a smoothie.

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