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We speak about this message in our book, "Running with Nature" (free chapter download here), on our "Running With Nature" radio show and have created a blog to keep you updated on our frequent adventures, products that we stand behind (No GMO), exercises and amazing destinations that we are so lucky to visit.

Be a part of our journey and please let us know about yours. Our hope is that we will inspire each other to stretch our limits, find new exciting roads to travel, be in good health, live longer and be happier. 😀

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When there is a will to experience each moment of life with vibrancy and vitality, there is a way

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Is your life out of tune?

Do you feel like something's missing; like the answer is on the tip of your tongue but just out of reach? Running with Nature is your journey back to balance; your guide to finding your true self in nature, health, and emotional wealth.

Mindset is everything: you can be better and feel younger, and it all starts with the belief that the people around us and the earth we share truly matter. Your lifestyle is anything you choose to embrace, so why not get away from all the hustle of the modern world with its misguided answers that come up short?


Running with Nature is here to show you a different path - one that harnesses the planet's incredible forces to help you maximize every moment to every day and live life to the fullest. This is more than some battle between eastern and western science; it's returning to our roots.

It's returning to what works.

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By Running With Nature | November 19, 2013

Mariel has recently been featured in a People Magazine article where she discusses her turbulent childhood, her new documentary, Running…

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